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Three Gorges-Shennongjia Four-Day Tour-YiYang XinHuamei Company Team Building

Time : 2023-11-29 Hits : 43

In order to enhance friendship among colleagues and team cohesion, our company organized a four-day tourism group building activity for all employees on November 16, 2023, the destination was the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River - Yichang Shennongjia.

We took the exquisite Xiajiang River cruise ship - the "Three Gorges Series" sightseeing boat, and experienced the natural scenery of "the monkeys on both sides cannot stop singing, and the light boat has crossed thousands of mountains"; When the ship entered the Gezhouba Shiplock, it experienced a unique feeling of "rising water and rising ships". Later, I visited the Shennong Temple Scenic Area, which is the altar of the Shennong family, the founder of China, Emperor Yan. Shennong once tasted a hundred herbs here and identified ancient and precious plants; Then we climbed to the top of Shennong Peak, and we climbed to Shennong Valley, gazing at the steep cliffs and continuous mountains from afar; Finally, we visited the Tianshengqiao Scenic Area, where the Tianshengqiao Waterfall poured down from the steep cliffs like a Milky Way, splashing with jade beads and showcasing a variety of customs.

We share four days happy travelling time together. A group of people that all hearts beat as one, moving forward for promising future. The team building activity came to a successful end!