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Flame Plate Type, Total Pressure 56000KN, Daylight Press DLB-2500x4000x2

Flame Plate Type, Total Pressure 56000KN, Daylight Press DLB-2500x4000x2

Daylight Press (or Press) is mainly used for vulcanizing (or pressing) various rubber sheets, conveyor belts, molded products, sealing pads, bamboo (wood) boards, etc., equipped with corresponding auxiliary devices, it can achieve automatic or semi-automatic production.

Product Introduction

Our company produces various types of Daylight Press (or Press), including column and frame plate types, with a minimum size of 300mm and a maximum size of 10000mm or more. The heating methods include electric heating, oil heating, and steam heating; Its manufacturing process is mature, experienced, and has strong development capabilities, which can provide users with various specifications and types of products. Since 2006,our products been chosen by many domestic and foreign customers, including METSO MINIRALS, FLS, TRELLEBORG and other companies. In addition to China, our products have also been exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Sweden, Canada, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, and India, and it is highly praised by users.

Technical Specifications
Structure modeColumn type or
Frame-plate type
Frame-plate typeFrame-plate typeFrame-plate typeFrame-plate typeFrame-plate typeColumn typeColumn type or Frame-plate type
are available for your choice
Main oil cylinder
installation mode
Bottom mountedBottom mountedBottom mountedBottom mountedBottom mountedUpward mountedBottom mountedUpward mounted or Bottom
mounted are available for your choice
Platen size600x6001500x20002000x20002000x30002500x40005170x5400
(Effective working size)
(Effective working size)
It is up to the user
Platen layers1 or 22222None PlatenNone PlatenIt is up to the user
Total pressure2000165002200033000560002000
(Positive pressure)
10000(Side pressure on each side)
20000It is up to the user
Unit pressure of platen5.565.485.485.486.0   
(Max working daylight)
1500It is up to the user
Main oil cylinder quantity x Piston diameter(mm)1xΦ3604xφ4504xφ5204xΦ7006xΦ6502xΦ7005xΦ500Adjust according to requirements
Main oil cylinder piston stroke(mm) 40014001400120016001000600It is up to the user
Max working pressure of main oil cylinder(MPa)20262621.530.152620Adjust according to requirements
Heating ModeElectricity、Oil、SteamOil、SteamOil、SteamOil、SteamOil、Steam  Electricity, Oil and Steam are available for your choice
Additional functionThe machine can provide functions such as quick opening (closing) of molds, forced demolding, automatic (or semi-automatic) push-pull molds, side pressing, vacuuming etc. 
Control typePLC 
Driving typeOil pump hydraulic station 
Note:Daylight Press (or Press) is actually a customized product, and we can design and manufacture it completely according to customer requirements; The specifications and parameters listed above are only a small portion of the products that the company has provided to customers in the past, for reference only. 
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